Two Cabot ‘Sexperts’ Rekindle Relationships

By Ken Picard
Orlando Sentinel, February 26, 2014

When a sexually stressed couple shows up at the Cabot homestead of Dr. Israel and Cathie Helfand, typically one of the pair is planning to leave the relationship. It’s not uncommon for that one to have a lover waiting in the wings for the union to tank, and to assume that couples’ therapy is just a way to let his or her partner down easy.

But often, much to their surprise, that couple leaves the Helfands’ Sexploration Retreat having rekindled their frigid sex life and saved the marriage. In fact, the Helfands say they have an 80 percent success rate with their intensive, three-day couples’ sex-therapy program. That’s impressive, given that they often deal with spouses who have bigger problems than just wanting to “spice things up.”

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