Sex and the Queen City

Is Burlington as hard up as a national survey indicates?

By Sarah Tuff Dunn
Seven Days Newspaper, October 6, 2010

Right now, it’s money-shot time in northern Vermont — for the exploding trees and the ecstatic tourists in the middle of peak foliage season, that is. When it comes to Burlington residents’ life between the sheets, however, things are as limp as a soggy leaf.

Or so claims a sex survey that appears in the October issue of Men’s Health. In the magazine’s rankings of America’s most sex-happy cities, Burlington isn’t even in the top half. In fact, frigid BTV ranks 99 out of 100, dribbling in just ahead of Portland, Maine. On top is Austin, followed by four other Texas cities in the first 10.

“I think it’s bullshit,” says sex therapist Israel Helfand, PhD, who has a practice in Cabot.

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