The Sexploration Process

How Time is Spent

After signing up for your three-day Sexploration Retreat you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and send back to us. The morning of our first day we complete the “interview” process with taking a personal history. We then move into a brief couple’s communication refresher after which we get into your specific areas of concern.

No nudity or sexual touch is done during our sessions together. However you will most likely have homework that will include some nudity and sexual activity in the privacy of your hotel or B&B.

Typically, the first day tends to focus on past emotional and sexual experiences. We will examine your fears and inhibitions to seek out the areas of your sexual life that need clarification and expansion, as well as discussing goals and dreams for your relationship.

The second day is more about the here-and-now. Building upon your emotional and sexual strengths and vulnerabilities, we focus on your ability to put into words (and other forms of expression) what you feel and think… and perhaps even “why”. A major goal is to increase pleasure and fun on both the personal and relationship levels.

We will discuss and explore:

  • The difference between loving and being “in love” and all about the 3 “L”s.
  • The many forms and value of foreplay, not just the physical foreplay, but also the emotional foreplay.
  • How past sexual experiences affect your present relationship.
  • The value of fantasy in enriching your sexual experience.
  • Your homework assignments for the evenings.

The third day is about planning for the future. Creating a positive blueprint of what you want your love life to be like, and making commitments to yourself and your partner towards that end. Couples who really thrive after leaving their retreat are the ones who “remember Vermont” and in so doing continue practicing the skills acquired here during their Sexploration Retreat.