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Sexploration is a highly specialized three-day retreat program held in Vermont. It is designed for one couple at a time looking to explore the sexual issues of their relationship. We have found that our intensive couple-to-couple marriage and sex therapy (the four of us working together) is effective for couples who are struggling with having a mutually satisfying sexually intimate relationship. We work with couples who are looking for ways to explore and spice things up a bit, as well with couples who need much more than just a "spice up". These couples usually have a complex relationship history and seek an intensive, individualized, and non-judgmental approach. No nudity or sexual touch is done during our sessions together, however you will most likely have some homework to do in the privacy of your hotel or B&B.

Marriages are challenging, and keeping the love lights burning in today's fast-paced society is equally difficult. As a husband and wife team, counseling couples for over 25 years, we have specific training in marriage therapy, sex therapy, and marriage repair. We know personally and professionally about the challenges of modern day relationships. We bring to our work with you a blend of male and female perspectives… and a comfort with personal and sexual issues.

Sexploration works best with a couple in a committed relationship, though not necessarily "married". Addressing sexual issues such as lack of interest or desire, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, and problems with orgasm, to name a few, are best done in a communicative, respectful, and trusting environment. If communication is a big issue and/or communicating basic emotional needs is non-existent we need to begin with some communication skill building. This is best done in our Marriage Quest retreat. See our sister site WWW.MarriageQuest.Org.

Over the years we have worked with thousands of couples looking to understand and improve their sex lives together. We can help you to explore a variety of "normal" sexual issues in your relationship, in addition to more complex situations, such as a bi-sexual spouse, exploring the idea of a sexually "open" marriage, or a desire to discuss and explore fantasy and an interest in fetishes or BDSM…. When couples can discuss certain desires and private thoughts with their spouse, their entire relationship flourishes.

We all assume that emotional intimacy is a great basis for sexual intimacy… but did you know that sexual closeness, fun and exploration can lead to deeper emotional intimacy?

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Who We Are

Dr. Israel Helfand and his wife, Cathie Helfand, facilitate all Sexploration and Marriage Quest retreats at their homestead in rural northern Vermont. They do not have interns or students doing their work, they are the "sexperts". Together they bring over 50 years of experience in Marriage and Sex Therapy to their specialized retreat work. Israel a Certified Sex Therapist.

After 10 years as owners/directors of Danbury Personal Counseling in Danbury, Connecticut, Israel and Cathie moved to Vermont to downsize, build their home and mini-farm together, and be more active parents. Today they are empty nest, enjoying their farm project and running Sexploration and Marriage Quest retreats.

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Foreplay can really be something as simple as a note on the windshield, a picture in their suitcase, or a text message. To learn more click Foreplay.

Erotic imagination is not the enemy here but a useful part of human nature and sexploration. To learn more click Fantasy.

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Sexploration is a 3-day exploration of your sexual emotions with a therapist couple trained in sexual therapy. To learn more click Sexploration Process.

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If you have marriage problems such as communication, infidelity, intimacy, or mid-life crisis visit our sister site at MarriageQuest.Org.

Call us at 802-563-3063 to talk about available dates and pricing and to talk more about one of our marriage retreats. In case we are busy counseling another couple when you call, leave a message and we will return your call promptly. Come experience what many other couples have found to be a more satisfying, comfortable, private, cost effective, and time-efficient way to nourish, heal, or re-direct your marriage/relationship.

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